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Espressione Cafe Roma Deluxe from

Espressione Cafe Roma Deluxe

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Saeco Via Venezia from

Saeco Via Venezia

Review Date - 12/31/2012
Well, my Saeco Via Venezia shipped exactly one year ago so I thought I should share my review of the product. Out of the box, the Via Venezia is impresssibly durable and asthetically appealing. The instruction manual included with the product is abundantly helpful with more imformation that necessary (much appreciated for this beginner!). This machine took some time to learn but I  ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4 Out of 5) - 8 Users

Ease of Use ( 5.0)

Espresso Quality ( 3.0)

Steaming Ability ( 3.0)

Construction ( 4.0)

Price Value ( 4.0)

Instructions ( 5.0)

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Gaggia New Baby Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine from

Gaggia New Baby Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Review Date - 10/21/2014
I've owned a couple of Gaggia Classic machines previously and the New Baby offers the same internals (pump, boiler, group head, steam valve) as the Classic at a lower price. If you're into gimmicks like timers, automatic settings etc. this is not the machine for you... but if you want to produce rich, strong espresso with great crema and silky smooth milk then the New Baby is everything you need.  ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4.7 Out of 5) - 200 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.7)

Espresso Quality ( 4.8)

Steaming Ability ( 4.2)

Construction ( 4.2)

Price Value ( 4.8)

Instructions ( 3.7)

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Delonghi BCO264B Caffe Nero Combination Machine from

DeLonghi Caffe Nero

Review Date - 07/19/2013
This is an excellent product. We have used it for almost 10 years. We still love it! ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(3.6 Out of 5) - 40 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.4)

Espresso Quality ( 4.0)

Steaming Ability ( 4.0)

Construction ( 3.2)

Price Value ( 3.4)

Instructions ( 3.8)

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Gaggia Evolution in Black from

Gaggia Evolution

Review Date - 08/29/2013
Just a little background: I've been into espresso for a little over three years now. I've owned the Rancilio Silvia, Gaggia Classic, Pasquini Livia 90, and the list goes on. This machine was my first purchase, for $80 used on ebay. Compared to all the other machines I own and have used, this pulls the best shots hand down. I don't know why, but I could use the same exact beans / grinder and ge ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4.7 Out of 5) - 24 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.3)

Espresso Quality ( 5.0)

Steaming Ability ( 3.7)

Construction ( 3.3)

Price Value ( 5.0)

Instructions ( 3.7)

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DeLonghi BAR32 Espresso Machine from

DeLonghi BAR32

Review Date - 02/14/2011
***see below. Simply put I see this as a great stepping stone machine. The price is perfect (if I were to buy one now as I received this as a gift). If you like espresso..I would recommend skipping the steam-driven and going with a machine like this. I have only made doubles. Usually I will make two before work and the speed of heating the boiler is excellent (having caused a small explosion wi ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(3.5 Out of 5) - 32 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.0)

Espresso Quality ( 3.5)

Steaming Ability ( 3.5)

Construction ( 3.5)

Price Value ( 4.0)

Instructions ( 3.5)