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Saeco Via Venezia SS from

Saeco Via Venezia SS

Review Date - 05/04/2014
I bought one of these about 14 years ago when it was re-branded as "starbucks barista". I use it 2-4 times per week. I generally find the espresso to be consistent and well made with good cremma. Mine does not have the "easy froth" wand that comes with new machines. I buy several different kinds and brands of whole beans. It took some time and trial to find the best brew with each bean - eg h ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4 Out of 5) - 16 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.5)

Espresso Quality ( 4.5)

Steaming Ability ( 4.0)

Construction ( 4.5)

Price Value ( 4.5)

Instructions ( 4.5)

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Saeco Aroma Espresso Machine from

Saeco Aroma SS

Review Date - 11/08/2011
I recently purchased a Saeco Aroma SS which replaced the older all-black version I had for a number of years and which worked well until it rusted. My experience with this redesigned machine has been very different. I have wasted more coffee with it than I have been able to drinking owing to what seems to be a woefully underpowered and/or poorly designed pump. After making one cup in the mornin ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(3.8 Out of 5) - 32 Users

Ease of Use ( 3.8)

Espresso Quality ( 4.3)

Steaming Ability ( 3.5)

Construction ( 3.8)

Price Value ( 4.0)

Instructions ( 3.5)

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Saeco Via Venezia from

Saeco Via Venezia

Review Date - 12/31/2012
Well, my Saeco Via Venezia shipped exactly one year ago so I thought I should share my review of the product. Out of the box, the Via Venezia is impresssibly durable and asthetically appealing. The instruction manual included with the product is abundantly helpful with more imformation that necessary (much appreciated for this beginner!). This machine took some time to learn but I  ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4 Out of 5) - 8 Users

Ease of Use ( 5.0)

Espresso Quality ( 3.0)

Steaming Ability ( 3.0)

Construction ( 4.0)

Price Value ( 4.0)

Instructions ( 5.0)

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Saeco Poemia Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine is an afforable at-home espresso maker from

Saeco Poemia Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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