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Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine in Silver from

Gaggia Evolution Espresso Machine in Silver

Review Date - 10/12/2014
We bought this machine in the Spring of 2008. It is extremely durable. While it certainly isn't smart, I have used and abused this machine. I use it every morning. It has never been descaled. I only use tap water and I have accidentally left it on all day several times. Using the machine does take some expiramentation. I have to use very finely ground coffee, such as pre-ground Lavazza to get  ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4.3 Out of 5) - 192 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.3)

Espresso Quality ( 4.4)

Steaming Ability ( 4.2)

Construction ( 4.1)

Price Value ( 4.7)

Instructions ( 4.1)

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Gaggia Baby Twin Espresso Machine from

Gaggia Baby Twin

Review Date - 09/16/2013
I got this machine because of the two pumps. Honestly it took some additional info to get it working at the level I wanted. But, since then it has been great. Easy to use, good design and produces great coffee over and over. ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4.5 Out of 5) - 208 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.4)

Espresso Quality ( 4.7)

Steaming Ability ( 4.4)

Construction ( 4.5)

Price Value ( 4.6)

Instructions ( 3.9)

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la Valentina Automatic Espresso Machine from

la Valentina Automatic

Review Date - 07/21/2012
OK, let me start by saying that this is all my brother's fault. He owns a string of coffee stores, and when I bought a super automatic machine to make great coffee at home, he told me I would be disappointed, and he was right. He told me to stop wasting money on bells and whistles and buy an espresso machine for the boiler and to be sure to buy an Italian boiler. Period. Just that. He said th ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(5 Out of 5) - 96 Users

Ease of Use ( 5.0)

Espresso Quality ( 5.0)

Steaming Ability ( 5.0)

Construction ( 5.0)

Price Value ( 5.0)

Instructions ( 2.0)

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La Marzocco GS/3 1 Group Auto Espresso Machine from

La Marzocco GS/3 1Grp Auto

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