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Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Coffee Maker from

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central
$71.24 - $79.95

Review Date - 03/28/2013
After my latest cheap coffee maker died less than two months after purchase, I decided to invest in a more expensive and hopefully better one. I bought the Cuisinart model #DCC-1200 from a local store, who highly recommended this model as reliable and hard-working. “Almost everybody who works here, owns this model!” the salesperson told me. We’ve owned it about a year now, and we’ve been very ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4.4 Out of 5) - 288 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.2)

Coffee Quality ( 4.8)

Coffee Temp. ( 4.8)

Construction ( 4.2)

Price Value ( 4.2)

Instructions ( 4.7)

Cuisinart PRC-12 Percolator from

Cuisinart PRC-12 Percolator

Review Date - 08/07/2013
I bought this after my old Mellita percolator broke and I couldn't find a replacement part. The price was right. It does make good coffee. However, it does leave a lot of grounds in the finished coffee. I have tried different grind settings and it still happens. The reusable filter basket has markings indicating how much ground coffee should be used. I do not use this. It always indicates more ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4 Out of 5) - 8 Users

Ease of Use ( 5.0)

Coffee Quality ( 4.0)

Coffee Temp. ( 5.0)

Construction ( 3.0)

Price Value ( 4.0)

Instructions ( 4.0)

Delonghi DC514T Coffee Maker from

Delonghi DC514T Coffee Maker

Review Date - 10/08/2011
Had to replace this coffee maker. Five audible alerts annoying-didn't want an alarm clock (one when coffee is ready and every 15 min. for an hour). Company says no way of disabling alerts. Also must use paper filter inside permanent filter to keep grounds from going into coffee. ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(2.5 Out of 5) - 16 Users

Ease of Use ( 5.0)

Coffee Quality ( 3.0)

Coffee Temp. ( 4.5)

Construction ( 2.5)

Price Value ( 3.5)

Instructions ( 4.0)

Frieling French Press from

Frieling French Press
$64.95 - $99.95

Review Date - 10/30/2012
I've had several french presses over the years, some glass, some double-walled glass, etc. - and this one by far is the best that I've owned. I'm big on my coffee staying hot while in the pot, and this one reigns supreme in my book for that reason. It's of an exceptional quality, and you can't argue with the style. ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(5 Out of 5) - 32 Users

Ease of Use ( 0.0)

Coffee Quality ( 0.0)

Coffee Temp. ( 0.0)

Construction ( 0.0)

Price Value ( 0.0)

Instructions ( 0.0)

Krups KM1000 10-Cup Coffeemaker

Krups KM1000 10-Cup

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