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Cuisinart DGB-900 Grind & Brew Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker from

Cuisinart DGB-900 Grind & Brew Thermal Carafe 12-Cup Automatic Coffee Maker

Review Date - 03/20/2014
Some of these reviews seem overly harsh. I own a coffee shop and have been a judge at several barista competitions and this is my machine of choice for home. Yes, the burr grinder is loud. I can hear it in my bedroom and so it serves as a backup alarm clock. It isn't a problem if you aren't trying to sleep through it. The claim that it doesn't brew hot coffee is NOT my experience. I bought this ma ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(2.8 Out of 5) - 72 Users

Ease of Use ( 3.4)

Coffee Quality ( 3.9)

Coffee Temp. ( 3.8)

Construction ( 3.6)

Price Value ( 2.9)

Instructions ( 3.7)

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Cuisinart DGB-700 Grind & Brew Auto from

Cuisinart DGB-700 Grind & Brew Auto

Review Date - 10/05/2010
While the idea is fantastic, the design is flawed. Should have been designed w/o moving parts aside from the great burr grinder. As it is, the brew chamber has a lid with gear teeth that are SUPPOSED to be turned by a gear wheel in the housing, taking the rotating cap through three different stations; grind, brew and hold. The basket/gear wheel connection is very sporadic in its decision to work o ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(3.8 Out of 5) - 28 Users

Ease of Use ( 3.5)

Coffee Quality ( 4.3)

Coffee Temp. ( 4.3)

Construction ( 3.8)

Price Value ( 3.0)

Instructions ( 4.0)

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Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central Coffee Maker from

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central
$71.24 - $79.95

Review Date - 03/28/2013
After my latest cheap coffee maker died less than two months after purchase, I decided to invest in a more expensive and hopefully better one. I bought the Cuisinart model #DCC-1200 from a local store, who highly recommended this model as reliable and hard-working. “Almost everybody who works here, owns this model!” the salesperson told me. We’ve owned it about a year now, and we’ve been very ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(4.4 Out of 5) - 288 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.2)

Coffee Quality ( 4.8)

Coffee Temp. ( 4.8)

Construction ( 4.2)

Price Value ( 4.2)

Instructions ( 4.7)

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Krups FME2 Coffee Maker

Krups FME2 Coffee Maker

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