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Cuisinart DCG Grind Central Coffee Grinder

Cuisinart Grind Central Grinder

Review Date - 05/04/2014
Have used this grinder daily for 6 years. No mechanical problems, a very durable unit. Will not grind to espresso fineness easily, but, will grind your drip coffee effortlessly, and with practice ( you need to keep time yourself) will grind consistently. I would buy this grinder again...... but am not needing another utility grinder because this one STILL works great. ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(3 Out of 5) - 40 Users

Ease of Use ( 2.8)

Grinding Quality ( 2.8)

Construction ( 3.4)

Price Value ( 2.8)

Instructions ( 3.4)

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Cuisinart Supreme Grind from

Cuisinart Supreme Grind

Review Date - 05/23/2011
I've had this machine for about 10 years. First impression and lasting, for obvious reqasons, is it sounds like an "angry" siren from a fire truck. Very ugly in the morning! After that, and after the long use, I had to put a short piece of steel packing strap in the grinding chamber because the ground coffee comming out of the burs had worn through the plastic chamber wall and was getting in th ... read more

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Overall Product Rating

(3 Out of 5) - 64 Users

Ease of Use ( 4.6)

Grinding Quality ( 2.9)

Construction ( 2.6)

Price Value ( 3.0)

Instructions ( 2.9)